Here you can enter text about the page, such as an introduction or whatever. On all the pages included in this web site template, the text is merely a boilerplate. Change the text, add graphics, and make the site your own!

To easily move between the default pages in this web site, hold the Ctrl key down while clicking on one of the buttons to the left. This will allow you to browse the site just as you would on the Web.

Add Sub-Headings as Needed

To break up the page, add sub-headings such as this when appropriate. The remainder of this paragraph is a placeholder. The chief virtue of a style is perspicuity, and nothing so vicious in it as to need an interpreter.

Changing the Navigation Buttons and Links

The navigation buttons to the left are part of an included file.  They are  stored in a separate file and are included by this page.  The advantage of using included files is that you can change the included file and those changes will be reflected in all of your web pages.  If you did not use the include function, then it would be necessary to make the same changes to your navigation buttons in all of the webpages which use them.

You cannot edit these controls directly.  Instead, right click on the controls and choose the Edit Include File function.  This will bring up the control set in another window.  You can then change the controls as you see fit and when you close the control file, all of the pages which use these controls will be updated.

Changing the Text On Buttons

It is easy to customize the text on the buttons to make them more appropriate for your pages. Simply follow these short instructions:

  1. Right click on the control set to bring up the include file in a new window.

  2. Select the button you wish to change by clicking on it with the right mouse button. Make sure you see the red outline around the button indicating it has been selected.

  3. Select Image Text Properties from the menu (or Create Image Text in the case of the blank button).

  4. Change the text, font, size or color and click OK.

Changing Button Spacing

To precisely control the distance between buttons, use the vertical and horizontal spacing options in Image Properties.  To edit the image properties of one of the navigation buttons, you must first right click on the control set and choose the Edit Include File function.  You can then double click on the button and change the spacing.

If there is an unintended gap between the buttons, try selecting the button as above, and press Shift-Ctrl-M. This toggles between a line break and a new paragraph.