My work in Polynesia has involved the study of petroglyphs and other archaeological remains on the "Big Island" of Hawaii, particularly in the Kaupulehu region of the Kona Coast in the vicinity of the Kona Village Resort. I am also interested in the issue of the colonization of Polynesia and currently honored to work with the much beloved and controversial archaeologist, ethnologist, explorer and author, Thor Heyerdahl. The two of us are engaged in research and writing projects, archaeological excavations, and are members of a new research foundation, Foundation for Exploration and Research on Cultural Origins (FERCO).

Thor Heyerdahl is well known for his exciting popular books describing his expeditions, etc. These books and expeditions rest on a foundation of scientific investigation.

Scholar, Explorer, Humanitarian

In Memoriam: Thor Heyerdahl

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Publications by Donald P. Ryan:

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1997 "Thor Heyerdahl: the life and legacy of an explorer, scholar and world citizen."
The Explorers Journal 75(1):14-16.

1998 "American Indians in the Pacific: a 50 year restrospective of the Kon-Tiki Expedition."
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Easter Island Research. Easter Island Foundation, Los Osos.

"Thor Heyerdahl et l'Expedition Kon-Tiki: mythe et realite."
Bulletin de la Societe des Etudes Oceaniennes.

NEW ARTICLE! "A Re-evaluation of some abberant art from Rapa Nui."

NEW ARTICLE! "The Ra Expeditions Revisited."

In preparation:
"The experimental archaeology of Thor Heyerdahl."
"Lost Wakes in the Pacific: the Riddle of Polynesia." (with Thor Heyerdahl).

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