The Standard (Simplified) Tai Chi 24 Form

(This assumes one begins facing East)  

1.     Beginning Form

2.     Part Wild Horseís Mane, LRL (To your left, to N)

3.     White Crane Flashes Wing

4.     Brush Knee LRL

5.     Play the Lute

6.     Repulse Monkey LRLR (lead foot remains flat, yet somewhat empty)

7.     Grasp the Birdís Tail (turn R, then execute 45deg. L, to NE)

1.     Left Ward Off (Peng)

2.     Rollback (Lui)

3.     Press (Ji)

4.     Push (An)

8.     Grasp the Birdís Tail (turn 90deg. R, to SE)

9.     Single Whip L, to N

10.Wave Hands Like Clouds L, to N (3 L steps)

11.Single Whip L, to N

12.High Pat on Horse L, to N

13.Right Heel Kick  45deg. R, to NE

14.Strike with Both Fists, in same direction

15.Turn L, to SW, and Left Heel Kick

16.Lower Body and Stand on One Leg (L), to S

1.     Single Whip Down Low, Snake Creeps Down,

2.     Stands on One Leg

17.Lower Body and Stands on One Leg (R), to S

18.Fair Lady Works at Shuttles (to S; R bow stance, R hand high, then L bow stance, L hand high)

19.Needle at Sea Bottom (to S)

20.Fan Through Back (to S)

21.Turn R, Deflect Downward, turn R to Parry, and R Punch (to N)

22.Push Hands Forward, Seal Tightly posture

23.Cross Hands

24.Closing Form