Political Theory Links 


         Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is peer reviewed, outstanding collaboration by philosophy professors 

         The American Political Science Association has a section on the Foundations of Political Theory, look up the websites on various people associated with it. 

         POLS 325 website from Sid Olufs, includes many reading guides

         The Political Theory Workshop, at Yales Political Science Department, includes links to working papers

         Just War Theory has a large array of items on the topic, plus a t-shirt

         The Womens Human Rights Resources Programme, from the Laskin school of law library 

         Liberty Fund Online Library of Liberty emphasizes property rights, small government, and political thought focused on the individual

         Dana Ward of Pitzer maintains the Anarchy Archive 

         The Econ. Dept. at McMaster University maintains the Archive on the History of Economic Thought  

         Crooked Timber, a blog by many people that include political theorists, with links to a lot of interesting blogs

         A blog by a political theorist, Jacob Levy of McGill University.