Procedure for Paper Assignment

POLS 347, Fall 2005


This page describes the required steps for completing the paper assignment.  See the web page, The Policy Paper Assignment, for paper topic and format.  The final paper will be 8 to 10 doublespaced typed pages in length.  Steps one through six are each worth 5 points, and the final paper is worth 30 points. 


Step One, due 10/13:  Turn in topic choice.  Choose carefully, because you may not change.


Step Two, due 10/20:  Turn in an article that serves as one of your sources, with a brief description attached.  This should include a summary of the relevant parts of the article, and at least one sentence that shows how you will use it in the paper.


Step Three, due 11/1:  Turn in annotated bibliography.


Step Four, due 11/8:  Turn in abstract, description of approach, methods, and concepts.


Step Five, due 11/15:  Turn in abstract version two. 


Step Six, due 11/22:  Turn in polished draft of at least one page of your paper.


Final Paper Due 12/6.