Environmental values and John Locke

Key texts:  Two Treatises of Government, Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Reasonableness of Christianity


Locke’s Sense of the Self

¨     Newtonian

¨     experience and reason the keys to psychology

¨     you are unique because of what you do, what you experience, what you make

¨     central role of property


Locke’s Sense of Nature

¨     Virgin Resources Lie in Waste

¨     A philosophy of increase

¨     Nature has a maker; Property has a maker

¨     The Rational and Industrious

¨     natural processes, divine gifts of the natural world and human abilities


Locke’s Sense of the Social

¨     Accumulaters have something to defend…. And create governments

¨     Sovereign states a creation of people—government by consent of the governed

¨     Outside the state is the private world, where people choose what to do.


Locke’s background cosmology

¨     Consistent with natural law

¨     Christianity consistent with modern scientific reason, rational pursuits

¨     Stamp of legitimacy on capitalism—freedom part of God’s creation

¨     A theory of human well being