Links of Interest to Students 

        Thinking about Graduate School? 

        advice for students, authors 

        Staying Healthy.    And, Mmmmm, cookie dough. 

        Thinking about Internships? 

        Diagnosis for meaning and happiness in life.  Maybe you will try meditation, some online guidance here.

        Here are 15 books you may consider reading. 

         Important book: D. Michaels, Doubt is their Product, short version of the argument is here. 

         Ever heard of identity-protective cognition?  Here is a paper about it.  Check the Cultural Cognition Project, below. 

         About the Fair Use Doctrine for copyrights.  

        An editorial about schools of education   

        Tai Chi related


Links about Policy

         FDA, food safety, and related topics.  And check Carl Andersons blog on FDA related topics.  I recently started a blog on the politics of food safety, things that comes out of the sabbatical project.  Want to read a review of the best study of a federal agency since Martha Derthicks Policymaking for Social Security?  

         A page about Nuclear Weapons. 

         The Cultural Cognition Project, from Yale Law School, is a clearinghouse for scholars interested in how values shape public perceptions of risk and beliefs about policy. 

         A new priority is needed in the defense budget.  See the web page on Near Earth Objects.  

         See Baseline Scenario about financial crisis & related.  Also see the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.  Maybe Stern on Finance. 

         think tanks focus on security, terrorism, etc. 

         some other policy related links  

         The torture question.

         CONGRESS NEEDS FIXING.  Here are the Broken Branch Awards   

         What is going on at the IRS? 

         Nice links for Washington State budget matters are at LEAP and WA State Fiscal Info 

         A keep track of politics page, developed to support a conversation about politics.   Keep Up with Politics, an older page. 

         Tacoma Public Schools policy issues.  

        A group in Tacoma, The Conversation 


Links about Other Things

          Link to The War Against the Common Good 

          Link to The Making of Telecommunications Policy 

          Commentary on Socialized Gasoline. 

          Commentary on power. 

          Commentary on Protect the Flag. 

          A web page about Climate Change 

          Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines are here, here, and here. 

          Ever heard of Project Censored? 

          Some research about affirmative action 

          Talks for LIFE and Parent Weekend, Dec. 4 and Nov. 7, on Politics and the Supreme Court