Cool Science Websites

These might be just a good time, and they can also help you come up with weird and interesting science projects & reports.

1.   US National Library of Medicine digital projects lets you look at all sorts of things--the body, autopsies, etc. 

2.   BioVisions is a Harvard online visual presentation of all kinds of biology stuff

3.   BioInteractive is from the Hughes Medical Institute

4.   The Periodic Table of Comic Books.   That's right. 

5.   Histology-World has a bunch of games in addition to interesting and fun things

6.   Chem4Kids is about the periodic table, atoms, matter, elements, reactions..... what's your reaction?

7.   If you liked Chem4Kids, then try Biology4Kids. 

8.   ChemMatters online magazine.... chemistry around us, demystified. 

9.   What's That Stuff looks at contents of everyday items, not maintained since late 2010

10.                 The Atoms Family (monsters and ghouls that help you understand science)

11.                 The National Geographic website has many science oriented stories

12.                 If you are willing to sign up for Pinterest, here is a biology and chemistry course