Amazing Weird Tai Chi Stuff

First of all, there is a lot of evidence tai chi is good for you.  ItŐs like eating lots of vegetables.  OK, not so amazing and weird.  But maybe this is what counts.

Tai chi teaches the body how to move.  Some people wish to add to their exercise routines a system of self defense.  Here is a demonstration of some applications of tai chi postures, and another view of the same session.  In principle, any tai chi posture has more than a dozen applications—see this description of the thirteen postures. 


Here is a push hands demonstration by Wang Chieh.  More with Master Wang. 

This guy is for real, I know someone who studied with him: Zhu Tzuen Hsuan. 

My teacherŐs teacher was Lin Mogen, and here is one of his classes in push hands.

Bian Zhiqin is quite small, and quite good at this type of push hands.  Size doesnŐt matter. 

To try to make sense of what Shi Ming is doing, go here. 

Many of these vids were stolen from Rouchen, who posts a lot of interesting stuff on youtube.  He is a scholar and a gentleman, and the most serious student I know.