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We are a research and education organization devoted to knowledge about policies that affect economic opportunity and national security.  The United States needs to refocus policies on making hard work and skill preparation pay off.  The greatest national security and environmental threat we face is from nuclear weapons, due to proliferation and increasingly risky doctrine.  Our education efforts target civil organizations and elected officials. 


For 2017 our policy focus is on five issues.  The first three are important to making hard work and skill preparation pay off for individuals and for businesses.  The last two issues are the gravest threats to national security.


1)  Education reform to include a robust system of apprenticeships in a wide variety of fields.

2)  Family leave that meets the needs of today's workers.

3)  A single payer health care option that addresses the number one uncertainty of small and medium sized businesses.

4)  Nuclear proliferation.

5)  Nuclear weapons doctrine. 



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