POLS 401, Politics of the War in Iraq

Fall Semester 2007

Professor Sid Olufs

Office: 107 Xavier Hall, x-8727, olufs@plu.edu

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Tuesday, Thursday, 1:45-3:30

Administration 209


We will use material collected over the last several years, posted on electronic reserve and available from the professor. Students will have a leading role in deciding which questions the course should investigate, and will be responsible for participation in groups which investigate and present findings on particular questions. Requirements are described on the course syllabus.

Online Course Material

        The Final Essay

        Course syllabus.

        Planned readings for the semester.

        The Policy Paper Assignment.

        Assignments. Please use the appropriate guidelines for each assignment.

        A previous class produced a list of questions to answer. This class will make its own.

        The Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

        A web page of sources on the War in Iraq

        Electronic Reserves are in Sakai

        Think Tanks and other organizations that look at the war and related issues

        United For Peace of Pierce County, a site run by a PLU faculty member

        Frontline, at PBS, has several shows on the war, and they can be watched from these links.

        A page of advice for writers. This includes a description of paper evaluation criteria, reminders about writing mechanics, a definition of plagiarism, and other useful material.

        University policy on plagiarism, also printed in the Student Handbook