POLS 325, Fall 2013

Reading Assignments




Sept. 9.  Political theory and political science.

Sept. 11.  Wolin, chapter one.  What is political philosophy?

Sept. 16.  Okin [Sakai].

Sept. 18.  Wolin, chapter two.  Plato.

Sept. 23.  Aristotle, selections [Sakai].

Sept. 25.  Stoics, selections [Sakai].

Sept. 30.  Wolin, chapter   three.  Age of Empire.

Oct. 2.  Wolin, chapter four.  Early Christian Era.

Oct. 7.  Wolin, chapter five.  Luther.

Oct. 9.  Wolin, chapter six.  Calvin.

Oct. 14.  Wolin, chapter seven.  Machiavelli.

Oct. 16.  Wolin, chapter eight.  Hobbes.

Oct. 21.  Wolin, chapter nine.  Liberalism (1).

Oct. 23.  Midterm Examination. 

Oct. 28.  Locke, selections [Sakai]

Oct. 30.  Wolin, chapter ten.  Organization.

Nov. 4.  Does political theory help us understand elections?  [Sakai]

Nov. 6.  Wolin, chapter eleven. Postmodern power.  

Nov. 11.  Wolin, chapter twelve.  Marx.

Nov. 13.  Wolin, chapter thirteen.  Nietzsche.

Nov. 18.  Wolin, chapter fourteen.  Liberalism and rationalism. 

Nov. 20.  Wolin, chapter fifteen.  Liberal justice and political democracy. 

Nov. 25.  Paper consulting day. 

Nov. 27.  Thanksgiving Holiday.

Dec. 2.  Wolin, chapter sixteen.  Power and forms. 

Dec. 4.  Wolin, chapter seventeen.  Postmodern democracy. 

Dec. 9.  Is inverted totalitarianism a usefulful framework for political science?  

Dec. 11.  Last things. 


Final Examination Period:  Wednesday, December 18, 2-3:50 p.m.