POLS 325 Fall 2013 Midterm


Please respond to either of the following questions.  Limit yourself to 900 words.  Cite text evidence where appropriate, and answer all parts of the question. 


  1. Our 21st century minds place a high value on reason and knowing as foundations for conduct.  Choose any three theorists we have discussed and explain what each believe we can know about politics and political conduct.  You may emphasize what each of the three say we can not know.


  1. Describe WolinÕs critical perspective.  For any three theorists we have discussed, how close do they believe we can come to sharing a political vision?


The exam is due via email or Sakai drop box to your instructor no later than Wednesday, October 23, at 5:20 p.m.  

Terrible penalties accrue to violations of the word limit or time due.