POLS 288, Fall 2014

Group Project


For this project you will (a) be part of a group of students who analyze power in US politics, by (b) apply the approach described by William Domhoff, and also Michael Mann.  The links between their approaches are described here and here. 


Please note there will be extensive reading about the approach and methods, plus descriptions of the work of many scholars who have studied (and avoided the study of) power relationships.  Be forewarned that it is easy to not see power. 


Project Details: 

o   The group will produce a written report.  There is no required length for the report.  The central criteria for evaluation of the report is the degree to which the report has an adequate conceptual description, and contains a competent description of the empirical evidence about power.

o   The group will present their findings in class and lead a discussion about their project. 

o   The projects will develop on a schedule:

o   Organize groups on Tuesday, October 7.  

o   Workshop on approaches to the study of power, Thursday October 16.  You should by how have read the basics of studying power and how to do power research. 

o   Select a person or organization that is the center of your project and declare it in class on Tuesday, October 21.   You may find it useful to study the Who Rules guide to power structure research. 

o   A workshop on how to study power will take place Thursday, October 30.  By now you will have outlines the features you need to include in your project, and identified the sources of empirical research you need to use.  One goal is to identify what all needs to be done to complete your project.  

o   Groups will meet with the professor over the next two weeks as part of development of the project. 

o   The written report is due Thursday, December 4.  Presentations will occur today and the coming Tuesday.