POLS 151, American Government, Spring 2012.

Professor Sid Olufs

Office Hours, in 153 Xavier.

·      email the instructor, or call x8727.

·      Office Hours M 11-1:30, T 12-1:00 W 12-1:30,  + appts.

·      Olufs’ Homepage, and news links

·      advice for students, authors (including the University policy on academic integrity, plus a description of plagiarism)

·      Other non-printed items for the syllabus, including grade disputes, emergency plans, etc. 

Class meets T/Th 9:55-11:40 in Admin. 101.  

·      Here is the course syllabus.

·      Stories to read in the New York Times

·      Assignments, including Paper Guidelines.

·      The Paper Assignment, and sources of policy information for your consideration.  And here are more links to info about US Politics and about Public Policy 

·      The course Sakai Site.  Check the resources tab.

·      More News Links, including political & econ blogs

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