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Interested in making sense of all the think tanks out there? Read the UPenn's latest Global Go To Think Tank Index report.


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      Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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      PLU Department of Politics & Government

      Pacific Northwest Political Science Association

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      Randy Newman performs Political Science

      Pithy quotes about the discipline.

Some of the courses I used to teach*

      POLS 151, American Government

      POLS 288, Power and Politics

      POLS 301, Methods

      POLS 332, Conflict Resolution

      POLS 325, Political Thought

      POLS 326, Recent Political Thought

      POLS 346, Environmental Politics

      POLS 347, Political Economy

      POLS 401, Politics of the War in Iraq

      POLS 499, Senior Seminar (Capstone)

      WRIT 101, Tai Chi on Paper


*Currently in "phased retirement," which means not regularly teaching. You may still contact me.

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