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~ Preface ~

This Management Accounting Web is designed to provide you with an introduction to basic managerial accounting concepts and the application of those concepts to the management of a small business. The site consists of text and interactive exercises. The Management Accounting Web is not a substitute for

  • a good management accounting textbook,
  • attendance at your management accounting classes, or
  • doing your homework or other assignments.

There are topics in your textbook that are not covered in the Web, and the coverage in these interactive modules is focused the most critical concepts in the management accounting class as I teach it here at Pacific Lutheran University. Other instructors and schools will have different emphases. However, use of these exercises should help you to gain a better understanding of the work that we'll do in class.

A note about browser compatibility: I have tried to keep all of the elements of this series of Web modules compatible with standard Windows Web browsers [Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla]. However, security settings in Internet Explorer may prevent you from seeing pop up windows and some hyperlinked items. These ARE critical elements and constitute a major part of the interactive nature of this series of modules. As pages with these elements load, you may get the following message across the top of your screen:

To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options...

If you right click on the message, you are given the option to "allow blocked content." The relevant content will then be visible for the current browser session.

Sorry, but at this point, I have not had time to test these pages with Apple-compatible browsers.

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Site developed by Professor Gerry Myers
School of Business
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If you have questions or suggestions about this site, please email me.

Copyright 2004 Gerald M. Myers. All rights reserved. This site has been developed as aid to instructors and students in managerial accounting. The scenarios contained herein are not intended to reflect effective or ineffective handling of managerial situations. Any resemblance to existing organizations is purely coincidental.
Last modified: August 03, 2005