Little Bear's Big Night Sky   

    Story and illustrations by Katrina Hay

A book for children about the surprising scale of our universe

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Look at the stars and wonder what's up there.


What's it about?

Little Bear and Mama Bear live in the wilderness where they can see bright stars and the Milky Way. Little Bear asks about where they live and is in for a surprise! Wise Mama Bear answers Little Bear’s questions, expanding from land to ocean to Earth to solar system to galaxy and beyond. Little Bear wonders about the surprising size and elegance of our universe. Sometimes, seeking answers to our questions leads us to more questions.

Why write it?

A single opportunity to observe and wonder may set a child on their life path. My father is a retired national park ranger and this story is inspired by my childhood in wild places of the west, such as Crater Lake and Death Valley. I used to ask, “What’s up there?” Searching for an answer led me to study science, to work for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory and to a career sharing my passion. I believe children are capable of understanding complex concepts and asking fundamental questions. I wish to share this story with children who enjoy wondering, “what’s up there?” I’ve included fun additional scientific information in the back of the book.

Who's it for?

Little Bear's Big Night Sky is a picture book for young children and anyone who wonders, "What's up there?"  It is for imaginative children who like the stars, science or discovery. It makes a good bedtime story as the tone is quiet, the astronomical illustrations blue and dreamlike, and the characters drift off to sleep and wonder about their place in the universe.  

- Dr. Hay

Associate Professor of Physics
Pacific Lutheran University
Dr. Hay's website