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Pacific Lutheran University

PLU Family Enterprise Institute

Washington Family Business of the Year Awards

2008 Washington Family Business Award Winners

Small Business:

Hunnex and Shoemaker, Inc. - Seattle, WA
Hunnex and Shoemaker, Inc. is a provider of actuarial and pension consulting and plan administration.  Founded in 1977 by Jim and Joyce Hunnex and recently joined by their sons Tyler and Josh, Hunnex and Shoemaker, Inc. provides custom retirement plans and comprehensive personal service.  Hunnex and Shoemaker, Inc. helps companies plan for their employees' futures.  A retirement plan is a promise—to yourself and to your employees—that you are taking responsibility for the future.  We have helped clients honor that promise for over three decades.

Roman Meal Company

The Matthaei family is Roman Meal.  Five generations of Matthaei's have led the Roman Meal Company, which is one of the few remaining independent, family-owned baking companies in the country.  Roman Meal is also one of the oldest brands still remaining in the baking industry.  The family’s involvement with baking dates back to 1686 with a Matthaei baker in Marburg, Germany.  Roman Meal, one of the first whole grain breads in the US, has long been a trend setter in creating natural whole grain products, which now include a wide variety of whole grain breads, cereals, snack bars, and refrigerated biscuits.  Charles Matthaei, Chairman of Roman Meal, was recently named to the Hall of Fame of the American Society of Baking.  The Matthaei family is widely known and respected in the baking industry and in the greater Tacoma community for their long-term involvement in a wide variety of programs.  Three generations of Matthaei's are currently involved in the family-owned business.

Medium Business:

Medosweet Farms

Medosweet Farms, originally "C&F Distributors" was founded in 1975 as a small, local, home milk delivery business.  Today, Medosweet is a 40 million dollar plus annual enterprise focused on delivering the finest, locally sourced dairy products to wholesale and retail customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The Medosweet Farms vision statement affirms the goals and values that we embrace as a company: "Medosweet Farms is the Pacific Northwest's premier provider of dairy and specialty food distribution services.  We offer our customers a unique, competitive advantage through our refrigerated and frozen storage, leasing, and food management programs; while honoring our founders' core values of recognizing employees, customers, community, and faith in the conduct of our business."

Heritage Business:

Bob Bandy & Son

Bob Bandy and Son, a family owned farming partnership located two miles northwest of Wilbur, was originally started when Robert H. Bandy and his family left North Carolina in 1888 and moved to Lincoln County.  The family and business has existed two miles northwest of Wilbur during the entire history of Washington as a state.  In each of the six generations since the establishment of the farm, there has been at least one Robert Bandy, each with a different middle name.  The farm is currently run and managed by the fourth and fifth generations—Robert Wells Bandy and Robert Clark Bandy.  Innovation, conservation, and family have always been important to the Bandy’s, who believe in the importance of the environment and consider themselves to be stewards of the land, preserving it for future generations.