Economics of Outsourcing



Perspectives on Outsourcing:

The purpose of this section is to provide the reader with information on the differing views on the issue of outsourcing. Below we have laid out arguments for both advocates and opponents of outsourcing. If your understanding of theory of outsourcing is a bit rusty, you can always refresh your memory by clicking here.


Perspectives Guide:

We developed our page in such a way as to inform readers to both sides of the outsourcing issue. We have carefully laid out the supporting arguments both for and against offshore outsourcing. We have collected numerous quotes and facts that outline the two main view points and their arguments. The opinions do not necessarily express the views of the writers or class. We hope that you have fun and enjoy learning about outsourcing perspectives. Below are links to each sides argument, just click on the disired destination and prepare yourself for an invigerating learning experiance.

Outsourcing Advcates Page:

Outsourcing Opponents Page:

Random Fact

It is now feasible even for traffic tickets issued by the New York City police to be processed in a country like Ghana.