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Jauary 14, 2008

Daily Olympian Page 1, 1966

Daily Olympian , 1966

Daily Olympian Page 2, 1966

Daily Olympian , 1966

The Mooring Mast 1966

Mooring Mast , 1966

Norm Previs '70 sent in a few articles which he scanned in from 1966, These are newspaper clippings from the Daily Olympian and the student news paper Mooring Mast.

February 22, 2005

The first years after the boathouse fire.

I have written down my memories of the years 1975 to 1979 when I was at PLU and on the crew team. I would get the desire to do this every now and then, particularly when I would see that the boathouse fire would be listed as occurring in 1977 when it was really 1975. A small thing but it always made me think I should set the record straight. I hope you find it interesting enough to put it on the website’s History page.
Bob Kratzke

Women's Varsity 8+ 2003 

November 13, 2002

Dave Peterson & The PLU Athletic Hall of Fame

Written during October 1999, Tim Anderson ('77) had the pleasure of writing a speech used at Dave Peterson's induction into the PLU Athletic Hall of Fame. It chronicles the early years of rowing at PLU, plus the intense years that Dave coached. Bringing the crew from total destruction to national stature again, it embodies the spiritualism of rowing that PLU has always been proud of.

October 27, 2002

Traditions and Values

Written during the spring of 2000, Brian Grant '02wrote a reply on the message board addressing remarks made about the current state of the crew's traditions and values. This is what he had to say.

The Team 1980.

January 22, 2001


The following was written by Trudy Williams, a friend to Gladys Herland in Bend, Oregon. Trudy spotted Doug Herland's name on a shell on the Spokane River at a Fall Race in October, 2000 against Gonzaga University, where her sons Mark and Paul rowed and coxed for four years. Matthew Price ('01) told Trudy he would appreciate any information about Doug Herland's life and the following is the result of his request.

Men's Lwt 8 1993

November 20, 2000

Infamous Marge 4+

Tone Lawver ('95) has written about his first experiences with the PLU Crew team and an infamous ride in the wooden Marge 4+. Read all about it here.

April 30, 2000

PLU Crew in the sixties

Jim Ojala ('69) has written an incredibly detailed account of PLU Crew in the sixties and the trials and tribulations of surviving on your own as a crew team. Back then there was no coach, little or no funding, and an administrator who refused to recognize Crew as a sport. Read about it by clicking below. Highly recommended.

November 7, 1999

The History of the Sleipner

Roger Hansen'70 (1966 - 1970) writes about the naming of the Sleipner (the original wooden boat) and his memories of PLU Crew.

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