The Boston Celtics have reigned supreme over the NBA while calling a few different places home over the years. The fans have had no trouble adjusting to the change, bringing their support night after night over the years. Boston's crowds and arenas have always been considered prestigious, but each arena has built up a story of its own separate from that.

Boston Arena

The Boston Celtics have had a few arenas to call home over the years, the first of these was known simply as the Boston Arena. Today it is known as Matthews Arena, but from 1946 to 1955 the Boston Arena played host to the Celtics in their infant days, when they were just starting out as a basketball club. Although the Boston Arena wasn't the site of very many historic events in the Celtics' history, it was the host of the first ever Boston Celtics game, and saw the early days of the careers of Bob Cousy and all-time-great Head Coach Red Auerbach.

Boston Garden

After a short tenure at the Boston Arena, the Celtics made a move to an Arena that would be the site to boast the bulk of the success of the franchise for many years to come. When the Boston Celtics franchise made the move to the soon to be famous Boston Garden, they probably weren't sure that they would have one of the most successful runs in sports history, all while calling the famed Garden their home. The Boston Garden saw all of both the Bill Russell era and all of the Larry Bird era. Ultimately, 16 of the Celtics' 17 championship banners were raised in the Boston Garden. When the Boston Garden closed in 1995, Celtics fans knew that it would be impossible to replace

TD Garden

After a long and dominant empirical reign of the basketball reign, the Celtics entered the beginning of troubling times for the team. Along with this, the time came for the Celtics to leave the old storied Boston Garden behind. The move to the newly built TD Garden came before the '95-'96 season. Some of the franchise's least successful teams could be seen in the early years at the TD Garden. It wasn't until the turn of the millenium when the Celtics began to turn the tide, bringing some excitement back to Boston in the playoffs in 2002. But Celtics fans would have to wait 6 more years until they could watch the first banner be raised in the TD Garden in June of 2008, just under 13 years in total since the arena opened. Today, the TD Garden is home to one of the most raucous, but at the same time most sportsmanlike crowds in the NBA today.

Retired Numbers

The Boston Celtics have retired more jersey numbers than any other franchise in the NBA. When a team retires a jersey number, it is done so to honor a player that has performed well while playing for the franchise, with the intention being that the numbwer worn by that player will never be worn again for the future of the franchise. Retired numbers are hung from the rafters of an arena on banners, along with the conference and league championships that the franchise has won over the years. Since the Celtics have won more NBA championships than any other team, and have retired more numbers than any other team, their rafters are very well decorated. Here, let's take a look...