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Claudia Berguson

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  • Here you will find information on my background, teaching and research.  Please visit the Norwegian Program and  Scandinavian Area Studies Program websites for information on the two majors and course requirements offered to students interested in the study of the Nordic region. 

  At Tautra
This is my ninth year of teaching in Norwegian and Scandinavian Area Studies at Pacific Lutheran University.  My research in Norway was done at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo.  My main area of research and publication deals with the interpretation of Sigrid Undset's medieval novels as dialogic texts.  The relationship between narrative and national identity, and the use of gossip as a narrative strategy in women's literature are central to this research.   My research also includes migrant literature, the role of language and literature in establishing cultural identity and memory, and peacebuilding as image and practice in Norway.
     I teach courses in Norwegian language and Scandinavian literature and culture.  Regardless of the specific topic, the cultures of the Nordic region are an integral part of discussion in the classroom.  Goals for my teaching in Norwegian and Scandinavian Area Studies are to support students in their exploration of Scandinavian cultures, to challenge students to learn beyond the familiar and the known, to engage students in critical inquiry into the dynamic Scandinavian societies of today, and to prepare students with specific and applicable knowledge, skills and perspectives with which to contribute to a more peaceful global community.

Courses taught 2003-2011:
Norwegian Language (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced)
Culture, Language and Identity (J-Term in Iceland and Norway) Scandinavian Folklore, Scandinavian Women Writers, Conflict and Peace in Scandinavian Literature, Introduction to Scandinavia,
The Outsider in Scandinavian Narrative and Film, Scandinavian Migrant Literature, Icelandic Sagas, The Dramas of Ibsen and Strindberg, Gender and Equality in Scandinavia
Courses Spring 2012:
Norwegian Language (Intermediate and Advanced)

Contact Information for Claudia Berguson, Associate Professor of Norwegian and Scandinavian Area Studies

  Svare-Toven Professor of     Norwegian and                    Scandinavian Area Studies

Office: ADMN 222 E

Tlf.: 253 535-7512 


My Academic Background

1974; B.A. in Medical Technology, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN

1988: M.A. Scandinavian Studies, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

1992: M.A. Intercultural Relations, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA

2003: Ph.D. Scandinavian Studies, U. of Washington, Seattle

Current University and Professional Service

General Education Council 2009-present

Scandinavian Area Studies Committee 2003-present

Language Resource Center Task Force 2010-present

Scandinavian Cultural Center Executive Board 2003-present

NORTANA board member 2004-prese