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The world is a complex place. In today's busy workplace there is so much movement and energy bustling around that people are increasingly screaming out "Where can I just get clear and concise information about all my favorite species of evergreen trees?!" Luckily, you've come to the right place. The Evergreen Tree Database is your one-stop source for quick information about the northwest's most popular trees.

Build your knowledge of trees

Who has time for lengthy biology research papers or untrustworthy Wikipedia articles? The Evergreen Tree Database includes clear, non-peer-reviewed tree info.


Get into the holiday spirit

Christmas time is coming up soon, and what better way to honor the Christmas season than with a good ol' fashioned Christmas pine tree?


Douglas Firs, Fur not included

When you hear the term "Douglas Fir" audibly, you may be confused, saying "animals grow fur, not trees!" Not to worry, though. "Fir" is much different than "Fur."






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Trees are everywhere

Think that tree outside your office window is the only evergreen you'll ever see? Have no fear! Evergreen trees are very popular!

The power of the web

Way back when, people could only learn about evergreen trees by going outside. Luckily, this HTML website has all the info you want!

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If you're planning on going on a hike to get outdoors, call up a friend and have them go with you.

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Evergreen trees are really neat during the day, but how about at night? Not quite as neat but you should go check them out anyway.

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