Organ Study at PLU

PLU Organ Day October 23 2010

On Saturday October 23 2010, high school students who are interested in learning more about (playing) the organ, are invited to the PLU campus to hear and play the magnificent Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Organ, built by Paul Fritts and Co.

The event will consist of three parts: a visit to Trinity Chapel on Wheeler Street, where students will have the opportunity to play and pump the 1890 Kilgen organ; a visit to the organ building workshop of Paul Fritts and Co, who built the PLU organ; and last but not least the opportunity to hear and play the PLU organ.
The event is open to anybody interested in the organ, no previous organ experience is required. Keyboard experience is of course helpful; bring any music you think might work on the organ.

The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs organ, built by Paul Fritts and Co.

To register, please email PLU University Organist Paul Tegels at

There is no cost to attend and participate in this event, the registration is simply to plan travel between venues and allow space at the organs. 

We will start at 10 AM in the lobby of the Mary Baker Russell Music Building.

For directions to PLU, please visit

To find the Mary Baker Russell Music Center or Trinity Church, visit