Troy Storfjell

WRIT 101 2005

WRIT 101 Writing Seminar, Section 21: The Red Pill or the Blue One? Critical Citizenship & Hegemony

In the film The Matrix (Andy and Larry Wachowsky, 1999) the character Morpheus offers the hero Neo a choice. Neo can either take the blue pill, and continue living in what he assumes is reality, or take the red pill, and learn how what he understands as reality is, in fact, constructed by “the matrix.”  This class will examine how what we think of as reality is actually manufactured by hegemony––the power of the ruling elite to persuade the rest of society that what is in their interest is best for all of us. We will examine how categories like gender, class, and ethnicity are constructed, and how hegemonic agendas determine the way we think of everything from entertainment to the war on terrorism.

Syllabus (MS Word document)