Troy Storfjell

SCAN 327 2007

SCAN 327 The Vikings January 2007

Bursting onto the European stage at the end of the eighth century, the Vikings carved a bloody swath across early medieval Christendom, terrorizing the locals from Ireland to Byzantium. Yet the Old Norse were more than violent raiders. They were also savvy merchants, gifted craftsmen, hardworking farmers, and cunning political players who built kingdoms in Europe, established relations with the Muslim world, and even made it to the shores of North America. This course will explore the culture, history, arts and worldviews of the Old Norse, including their mythology, the saga literature, and their conversion to Christianity. We will also investigate how the Vikings have been understood and represented through the centuries between their days and ours, and will ask questions about how our knowledge of the Vikings is produced

SCAN 327 Syllabus 2007 (MS Word Document)