Troy Storfjell

SCAN 190 2006

SCAN 190 Inquiry Seminar: Intro to Scandinavia

Inquiry seminars are specially designed courses in which first year students are introduced to the methods and topics of study within particular academic disciplines or fields. Inquiry seminars also emphasize academic skills at the center of the First Year Experience program. Working with other first-year students in a small-class setting that promotes active, seminar-style learning, students practice fundamental skills of literacy, thinking and community as they operate within that particular discipline.
    In this inquiry seminar you will be introduced to the discipline of cultural studies and the field of Scandinavian studies. You will explore some of the central questions that those of us who do cultural studies work ask, such as:

You will also get to know the basic academic terrain of Scandinavian studies, or what it is that Scandinavianist scholars study. You will read the kinds of texts that we read—literary, cinematic, theoretical-critical, sociological, etc.—and learn some of the kinds of things our field does with these texts. Since this course is adapted from SCAN 150 Intro to Scandinavia, this course also introduces you to the Nordic Region (Scandinavia), its people, societies, art and literature.

Intro to Scandinavia Syllabus (MS Word Document)