Troy Storfjell

INTC 244 Spring 2007

INTC 244 Postcolonial Issues Spring 2007

The colonization of the world by Europeans ranks as perhaps the most transformative process in history. Today, despite the decolonization of large portions of the planet, the legacy of the colonial encounter continues to shape the ways in which we live and see ourselves and each other around the world, in the societies of former colonizers and the formerly colonized alike. This course will investigate some of the major legacies of colonialism, focusing on such themes as the representation of self and other, and the relationships between colonialism and knowledge, gender, and the nation. As we read literary, historical, and critical texts, we will explore how these processes continue to inform life in places as diverse as the Congo, Palestine, and the Pacific Northwest.

INTC 244 Syllabus Spring 2007 (MS Word Document)