Senior Projects

     I will be happy to help any student on their senior project (as long as I am able to handle the load).  If you want my help then:

    1.  Determine an area or topic for your project (IMPORTANT - see TOPICS below).

    2.  Arrange a meeting to discuss  your plans. 

     3.  If I think I can help you I will ask for a short one page summary, otherwise I will suggest another faculty member.

GOAL:  My goal with any senior project is to give you the experience of a research project, to that end I will attempt to work with you to produce a paper which may be submitted for publication.

REQUIREMENTS:  You must be able to meet with me at least once a week to discuss progess on the project. 

Senior Project Arts

   DNA1      DNA2

   Quantum Presentation

   The first rule for any senior project is to find a topic that interests you.  You will be working on it for the better part of a year so if you do not find it interesting in the beginning you will hate it by the end.

    While I will be willing to consider any project, I will be most open to senior projects in any of the the following areas:

1.  Development of a Genetic Algorithm for cryptoanalysis

2.  Simulation of a quantum computer

3.  Development of a Cellular Automata simulation

4.  Analysis of an Intrusion Detection System

5.  FPGA Implementation of a cipher system

6.  Design of a hardware multiplication chip

7.  Simulation of a DNA Computer

8.  Using a genetic algorithm to factor integers