Be Not Afraid

Are you scared of math? Don't be! It can be difficult, confusing, and strange; but it can also be beautiful and exciting, when you get past your fear. Yes, math can sometimes be boring. And it can require a lot of work. In these ways, it is like any other art, whether it's mastery of the violin or of karate ("...wax on...wax off..."). But, just like music, mathematics can be elegant and full of wonder. And I am here to help you! You're welcome to talk to me about any worries or concerns you have about the subject, or vent about previous bad math experiences (we've all had them). I do have one request, however. Feel free to approach the subject with hesitation or concern, but try not to approach it with hate or disgust: it's hard to get past hate. Concerns, however, can be alleviated, and together we can make the monster of math seem much less scary!