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Donna Poppe

Donna Poppe
Assistant Professor, Music Education
Department of Music
Mary Baker Russell Music Center 112

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On Sabbatical Leave 2006-2007


Professor Donna Poppe

Professor Poppe has been accepted as an onsite member of an archeological excavation at Mendes, in Egypt's Nile Valley, during which she will be working with Dr. Donald Redford, Professor of Egyptology at Pennsylvania State University.  While in Egypt, she will be notating, recording, and scribing the work songs of Egyptian laborers with specific regard to Western canon and conducting further research of ancient ethnomusicology - connections between the working environment and musical culture.

Professor Poppe was the recipient of a Wang Center Grant to pursue advanced research and experiential learning projects in a global context. 

Professor Poppe also received the Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Education from Governor Gary Locke.

Professor Poppe was honored with a Regency Advancement Award for the 2007-08 fiscal year for her research on Egypt and musicology.