PLU Mens Ultimate

Player Profiles

Player Profiles


 Bernie Anderson # 10- "The Truth" is a devout business major that was involved in football, crew and track in high school. Originally from Kingston, Washington, Bernie is a defensive cutter with a wing span for days. Although he's a youngster, he may develop into a strong handler.

Bernie Pic     

Andy Chambers # 25- "Swoops" is a Business/Chinese studies major and loved baseball and ultimate during his high school years. He spent a semester abroad in China and is an Eagle Scout that is fascinated with the outdoors. Andy is an experienced handler from Lake Oswego, Oregon with a backhand that travels for miles.

Andy pic

Tony Horton # 27- Tony is an Economics/Chinese Studies major and has been involved in cross country throughout his highschool and college years. Born in Mexico and raised in Kent, Washington, Tony has studied abroad in China and has traveled through Europe. On the field, Tony is an explosive utility player with a "can't touch this" attitude.
Tony pic 2

Kyle Kennedy # 14- "Prez" is a computer science major and former soccer player and gymnast. Born and raised in Sumner, Washington, Kyle is a defensive cutter that can burn his opponent in his sleep. Kyle has also adopted the "catch and tumble" as his signature move because his body can't keep up with his legs when catching the disc.
prez pic

Josh Kohl # 9- Josh is a Biology/Religion major and has been involved in baseball, football, wrestling, swimming and diving in high school. Originating from the desert in Phoenix, Arizona, Josh is an offensive cutter and scoring machine. Who said white man can't jump?
Josh Pic

Stephen Nacis # 00- or "Puma", "Big Cat" and "Nancy" is a business major that played soccer and tennis during high school. Growing up in Willows, California, Stephen is an offensive powerhouse that is known for his forehand throw and huge gratuitous layout bids. Off the field, Stephen is a networker that loves to have a good time.
puma pic

Justin Potoroff # 56- "Juice" is a Business major and former football and track athlete. Justin is from Fife, Washington and is a defensive specialist on the field. Justin works construction during the summer and is truly a "one man wrecking crew".
juice pic

Chris Rosenlof # 6- "Rosie" is undecided in his major and rocked the saxophone before playing ultimate. Chris is from Denver, Colorado and is used as an offensive handler with a backhand that is deemed "the canon". Chris is also great at baking delicious treats in the kitchen.
rosy pic

Matt Schmitts # 15- "Schmitty" is an Environmental studies/spanish major that played soccer and Ultimate in highschool before joining reign. Matt is a defensive handler from Billings, Montana that racks up handblocks with his huge mark. He is also the "prankster" of the team and will do just about anything for a laugh.
schmitty pic