Links to News Sources  

USA Newspapers

1.    The New York Times

2.    The Los Angeles Times

3.    The Economist

4.    The Wall Street Journal

5.    The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

6.    The Seattle Times

7.    Tacoma News-Tribune

8.    Spokane Spokesman Review

9.    The Fresno Bee 


Political Blogs

1.    Balkinization

2.    Lawfare blog

3.    Georgetown Law Security News Brief

4.    Ethan Zuckerman’s blog and his web page  on the media 

5.    Greg Schneier’s security blog  

6.    Arms Control Wonk

7.    Foreign Policy blog

8.    Nate Silver, at 538 (now NYT)

9.    The Washington Poll tracks results in the state of WA

10.The Economist’s Democracy In America blog

11.Project on Government Oversight 


13.Seattle Times Politics Northwest and their UW Election Eye  

14.TNT Political Buzz 

15.The Monkeycage

16.Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball  

17.Abu Aardvark (M. Lynch)


19.Washington Note 

20.Capitol Eye

21.CBO Director’s Blog   

22.Center for Effective Govt 

23.Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

24.OMB blog

25.the SCOTUS blog



More policy oriented links here 



Other Media Sources

1.    WA Center for Equitable Growth 

2.    The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald et. al.)

3.    Pro Publica

4.    Project on Govt Oversight (POGO)

5.    The Bureau Investigates  

6.    Secrecy News, from FAS

7.    Public Intelligence

8.    The New Yorker Magazine

9.    truthdig (winner of Webby, 2010 & 2011)

10.Yale’s Environment 360 

11.Grist focuses on environmental news

12.Environmental Health News  

13.Greenwire is about environmental & energy policy news

14.Environmental News Service 

15.The New York Review of Books 

16.Rolling Stone

18.Democracy Now 

19.Mother Jones e-zine site

20.Economic Hardship Reporting Project 

21.Al-Jazeera’s English site

22.Jewish Daily Forward 


24.The Dailykos blog/news site

25.United for Peace of Pierce Co.

26.The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source.”


Some Economics Blogs

1.    Grasping Reality With The Invisible Hand

2.    Equality of Opportunity Project

3.    Calculated Risk  

4.    Ezra Klein’s Blog  

5.    Felix Salmon…. “A Slice of Lime in the Soda”

6.    #4 above and many others offer entries on Project Syndicate  

7.    IGM Forum asks a bunch of real economists what they think about various issues 

8.    The Real World Economics Review, and their blog   

9.    Economist’s View 

10.Paul Krugman’s Conscience of a Liberal  


12.Baseline Scenario 




Non-USA Newspapers

1.    The Guardian (UK)

2.    The Independent (UK)

3.    The New Statesman 

4.    World Crunch (translated news)

5.    WatchingAmerica (world news digest about USA)

6.    Japan Times Online  

Some links about fields in Politics & Govt.

1.      US Government 

2.     Public Policy  (see also Law & Justice, below)

3.      International Relations, Security, war and peace

4.      Law, Justice  (see also Public Policy, above)

5.     Political Theory  

6.     Political Geography Now 


Do you like numbers, data?  Check

1.    The Bureau of Economic Analysis

2.    The Bureau of Labor Statistics    

3.    Trading Economics 

4.    The library at Princeton has a page on stat sources on the internet

5.    Economic Magic has lots of time series charts and graphs

Econdata’s top ten data websites