Political Science 346:  Environmental Politics & Policy   

Spring 2015   

Class meets M,W 1:45 in Ramstad 203


Professor Sid Olufs

Xavier 153

olufs@plu.edu, x-8727

Office Hours:  T 2-3:30, W 10-1, plus appointments

and online contact hours. 


      This Spring we will read the following texts, and much additional material available online and through Sakai. 


      Christopher McGrory Klyza and David J. Sousa, American Environmental Policy: Beyond Gridlock, revised edition, MIT Press, 2013, ISBN-13: 978-0262525046

      Sandra Steingraber, Living Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment, Da Capo Press, 2010, ISBN-13: 978-0306818691


Coursework. These assignments, along with the readings, support two goals for the course. First, you should know a lot about course content. The things we study have real consequences for human affairs. Second, college graduates should have highly developed skills--reading, writing, speaking, critical and logical thinking require practice.

      Case Study. Each student will write a study of the political activities of an environmental interest group. See guidelines on the course web page. (20%)

      Policy Paper.  Each student will write an analysis of a policy or policy proposal related to course content.  The policy paper will follow a particular approach.  (20%)

      Response papers & Activities.  In-class activities and internet assignments occur regularly, usually as a response to assigned readings. This can include content analysis of documents, review or abstracts of articles, answering questions about reading, analysis of graphs and tables, and so on.  Check the assignments link on the course web page. (50%)

      Final examination, Thursday, May 21,  2-3:50.  (10%)



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