Paul (Boo) Dodson ‘11



Boo, a Political Science major with an emphasis in international relations, was selected to join MediaLab in Spring 2011. During the summer of 2011, he interned at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, where he served as a freelance correspondent for the Idaho Statesman. Prior to MediaLab, Boo was a political columnist for the Mooring Mast, PLU’s student newspaper, and spent a semester abroad at the University of Jordan studying Middle Eastern politics.

Kaelen Knutson–Lombardo ‘11



Kaelen joined MediaLab in Fall 2008, and produced videos for the Tacoma Art Museum, the Lakeview Church of Christ, and served as a key member of the award–winning multi–media team that produced “Point of Entry: Migrating to North America.” Kaelen majored in Communication with an emphasis in Journalism.

Aubrey Lange ‘11

Graphic Design & Webmaster


A PLU Art major, Aubrey joined MediaLab in Fall 2008 and made an immediate impact. She helped lead the overhaul of MediaLab’s web site. She also was responsible for MediaLab’s branding and image. Aubrey interned at Eastside Foursquare Church in Bothell, Washington in the Summer of 2008 and 2009.

Jake Ooley ‘13

Public Relations


Jake, a Communication major whose emphasis is in Public Relations/Advertising, joined MediaLab in Spring 2011. Jake has worked with Harmony, a Pacific Lutheran University GLBT advocacy group, acting as its Communications and Public Relations Coordinator. He is also the recipient of the 2009–2010 Pride Scholarship. In Spring 2012, Jake interned in the Communications Office of the Pierce County Executive. Jake plans to pursue a career in advertising.

Kari Plog ‘11



Kari, a Communication major with an emphasis in Journalism, was selected for MediaLab in Fall 2009. Kari served as a senior producer and researcher on MediaLab’s 2010 “Oil Literacy” multimedia research project. Kari also was a recipient of a 2010 Washington Newspaper Publishers Association Scholarship/Internship Award, which led to a Summer 2010 internship at the Puyallup Herald. Kari was also a three–year staff member of The Mast, PLU’s student paper, for which she served as editor–in–chief during the 2009–2010 academic year.

Lorna Rodriguez ’11

Journalism Team Leader


After joining MediaLab in Fall 2008, Lorna, a Communication major with an emphasis in Journalism, became MediaLab’s top student journalist after a Summer 2009 internship at the San Mateo County Times in Northern California. Lorna also interned during Spring 2010 at the Puyallup Herald, and did a Summer 2010 internship at the Peninsula Gateway. Lorna also has shot video for TVW, Washington’s public affairs station, and was a senior researcher, reporter and producer on the “Oil Literacy” (2010) documentary team. Lorna was also a recipient of a 2010 scholarship award from the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association.

Courtney Houston Walker ‘11

Art & Graphic Design


Courtney, who joined MediaLab in Summer 2010, spent a semester in London interning at Abstract Associates, a content provider and publisher of numerous specialty magazines and websites in the United Kingdom. During her time at Abstract, Courtney created layouts and designs for multiple publications, designed several brochures and other marketing materials. Courtney, as a senior Fine Arts major, was also a captain on PLU’s Women’s Soccer team.

Stuart Zaichkin ‘11

General Manager


Stuart, a three–year member of MediaLab, oversaw all MediaLab operations and activities, both internally and externally. Prior to becoming General Manager, Stuart was MediaLab’s PR, Advertising and Marketing Director. As such, he was the chief organizer of MediaLab’s Spring 2010 “New American Family” premiere event, the Fall 2009 “Point of Entry” premiere, and a key planner of the Spring 2009 “Hard Trade” event in Tacoma. Stuart was selected from a pool of more than 200 candidates to intern during Summer 2010 at Copacino & Fujikado, a Seattle advertising firm. Previously, Stuart served in public relations internships at Tacoma’s Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, the YMCA of Tacoma–Pierce County, and in community outreach for Washington Conservation Voters in Seattle.