Languages 190 Final Exam

The final exam in this course will consist of two essays on questions that are synthetic in nature. Your goal in writing these essays should be twofold: 1) to argue coherently for an interpretive thesis that demonstrates that you have thoughtfully engaged the themes presented in this course, and 2) to demonstrate that you have a knowledge of the works we have dealt with in the class as well as a command of the terms with which we have discussed them. Elaborate studying should not be necessary, but you should review your notes as well as review details concerning the characters and plots of the novels and the play we have read and the films we've watched. Does this make you nervous? Then click here for some advice about writing an essay exam.

A Checklist of Works

First part

Second part

Third part

Fourth part

A Checklist of Important Terms and Concepts

General Ideas



Views of the relation of society and the self