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This is a picture of my family 4 years ago. We are of African, East Asian, European, and First American (Indian) ancestry. Some of us are tribal members, some foreign nationals, some "plain vanilla" Americans.

I grew up with this kind of diversity around me, and even I am not immune to the racist stereotypes perpetuated by our media, so I don't believe you when you say "I'm not racist." Recognizing that we have prejudices and act on them is the first step in overcoming their hold on us.

When police apologized to my mother for arresting my brother without cause, they told her "we didn't know his family was white." Minorities in the US have been complaining about this kind of treatment for a long time.

Recently videos taken by bystanders or surveillance cameras sometimes prove that police have lied about charges. I find it shameful that some states have reacted to this by criminalizing the videotaping of police, so that evidence conflicting with their testimony can not only be thrown out of court, but whomever provided the evidence can be charged with a felony.

How many people have been wrongly convicted based on lies on a police report? Is it any wonder that our minority citizens have little trust for the police?

I dream of a day when every family looks like this, so that "black kid" means something to us other than someone we see on the news, and we really understand why we need to work things out with words instead of weapons.

–Thoughts on Ferguson, MO
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