Science Teaching Experience
I enjoy explaining physics concepts on a level that is understandable. Depending on a student's mathematic and scientific background, the language you choose to communicate physics to them is crucial. Physics often has a reputation of being mystical and impossible, but its not when it’s broken into its most simple concepts. Its all around us: driving a car, making music, flying in an airplane, drinking through a straw, riding roller coasters... It can be very satisfying to understand the physical phenomena in the world around you. The value of physics is that it is a way of thinking, not just a piece of knowledge. The most important thing you can take from a physics class is the ability to look at a problem that you have never seen before, break it up into its fundamental concepts and not give up until you have solved it.

Research Internship Mentor, Oregon State University
Applications were accepted for a research internship in fluid physics summer 2007. I chose a junior in the physics department and mentored him through an experimental research project through the Crop and Soil Science department. The project involved modeling 2-D rock fracture flow and required understanding the current available theories that describe this motion. The student used this research as a Senior Thesis as well as presenting a poster at the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco, 2007.

Mentor Teaching, Oregon State University
Mentor Teaching is a program offered in the Oregon State University physics department for graduate students to prepare them for faculty positions. This opportunity allows a student to get "behind the scenes" of a physics course, learning how to organize a course, write a syllabus, lecture, create test questions, coordinate office hours, etc. Fall 2007, my mentor is teaching the Intro. Physics with Algebra course. I guest lectured and created corresponding exam questions as well as shadowed him in meetings with Lab and Recitation TAs and helped with office hours.

Teaching Assistantship, Oregon State University
I have mostly been a recitation (problem solving session) TA for the Physics with Calculus course. I teach students how to recognize problems and break them up into fundamental concepts, as well as help them prepare for exams. Students often appreciate the comfortable, informal explanation of a TA who is closer to their age and academic experience than their professor.
Other TA positions held at Oregon State University:
Astronomy Lab
Algebra-based Intro. Physics Lab
Calculus-based Intro. Physics Lab
Physics for non-science majors Lab
(Junior-level) Paradigms in Physics 
Graduate-level Soil Physics Lab

Camp Counselor, Instructor, Camp Lutherwood, Oregon
I held weekly “Star Talks” throughout summer for staff and campers to discuss mysteries of the universe and inspire children to pursue science. My goal was to inspire campers and staff to "think outside the box" and pursue scientific interests. I also designed a program and instructed “model rocket” camp where campers built model rockets. I had each camper calculate the predicted height their rocket would reach. Campers said they were surprised to find out that science could be fun!

Adventures in Learning, Oregon State University
I co-taught  two week (daily) roller-coaster physics and astronomy classes to middle-schoolers as part of an advanced learning program. Classes covered basic physics concepts through laboratory-type exercizes and short lectures.

Physics Peer Advisor, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon
I worked closely with a physics Faculty to co-teach an orientation semester class to freshmen interested in physics. Each year, 20 students were guided though a college orientation and advised individually throughout their freshmen year to help them adapt to college life.

Physics Tutor, Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon
I was a bi-weekly tutor for students in the Introductory Physics with Calculus class. I also helped students prepare for exams and graded Introductory Physics with Calculus assignments.