Dr. Katrina Hay, Selected Publications and Presentations

Publications and Authorship

    Spring 2008, PhD Thesis: “Physical processes that control droplet transport in rock fracture systems” Oregon State University, April 29, 2008

    Fall 2008, Publication: Katrina M. Hay, Maria I. Dragila, James Liburdy; “A Theoretical Model for the Wetting of a Rough Surface” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Volume 325, Issue 2, 15 September 2008, Pages 472-477.

    Fall 2008, Publication: Special Issue on Modeling, Analysis and Simulations of Multiscale Nonlinear Systems, Conference proceedings, Oregon State University 2007 Katrina M. Hay, Maria I. Dragila; “Physics of Fluid Spreading on Roughness”, International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modeling; Vol. 5  (2008).

    Spring 2012, Publication (Public Intellectual, online): Article “Physics of energy as a travel course”, published in EnergyTeachers.org Community Newsletter, Ithaca, NY, February 2012

    Summer 2012, Scholarship of Teaching: Requested by editor, authored 560 multiple choice questions with answer-specific feedback (Online Quizzes) for the publisher W. H. Freeman to accompany their new textbook, “University Physics for Life Science”

    Fall 2012, Publication (single-authored): Accepted for publication (to be published in 2013) to The Physics Teacher journal, article entitled, “Teaching the Physics of Energy while Traveling by Train”


    Fall 2009, Mentored Student Conference Presentation: Student intern, Jacob Berman, Murdock Conference, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA. “A video analysis of film left behind fluid droplets in fractured rock”

    Fall 2009, Research Presentation: American Geophysical Union (AGU) national meeting, “A high-speed video analysis of advancing and receding droplet interfaces in simulated rock fractures”

    Spring 2010, Co-authored Presentation: (presented by Dr. Carolina Ilie, Professor of Physics at SUNY Oswego College) Fifth SUNY-Oswego Symposium on Learning and Teaching, A Celebration of Meaningful Learning: Engaging Students, “How to Implement JITT - Just In Time Teaching”

    Spring 2010, Co-authored Presentation: (presented by Dr. Carolina Ilie) Conference on Instructional Technologies in Plattsburgh, NY May 2010, titled “Do you JITT? Benefits of using Just In Time Teaching at SUNY Oswego and Pacific Lutheran University”

    Spring 2010, Research Presentation: Co-presenter (with Dr. Alex Chediak, California Baptist University), American Physical Society (APS) Spring 2010 Meeting, “Improving the Force Concept Inventory”

    Spring 2010, Conference Presentation: (Co-authored with Dr. Carolina Illie) American Physical Society (APS) Spring 2010 Meeting, “How to Implement JITT - Just In Time Teaching?”

    Fall 2010, Invited Research Presentation: Oral presentation on environmental fluid physics research to the University of Puget Sound science community

    Spring 2011, Scholarly Presentation: “Physics of Energy, A Travel Course,” Pacific Northwest Association of Physics Teachers (PNACP), Moscow, Idaho

    Summer 2011, Scholarly Presentation: “Physics of Energy by Train,” 2011 American Association of Physics Teachers national meeting, Omaha, Nebraska

    Fall 2011, Mentored Student Conference Presentation: Murdock Conference for undergraduate research, student intern, Matthew Hubbard, presented poster on our fluid physics research project, Seattle University

    Spring 2012, Co-authored Research Presentation: Alex Chediak, Carolina Ilie (presenter), Katrina Hay, Trevor Johnson-Steigelman, “Assessment Tool Expanded: Force Concept Inventory”, April 18 2012, Quest - Research Conference at SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY

    Spring 2012, Mentored Student Research Presentation: Research intern Matthew Hubbard presented an oral presentation about our summer research entitled, “The Physics of Cat Lapping” to the PLU Board of Regents meeting

    Spring 2012, Mentored Research Presentation: Research Intern, Matthew Hubbard, presented a poster on our research, “How does Tongue roughness affect Lapping?” Student-Faculty Collaborative and Creative Projects Celebration

    Summer 2012, Scholarly Presentation: “Cat lapping: a fluid physics project for undergraduate students,” Beyond First Year Physics Laboratory Conference, Philadelphia July 2012

    Summer 2012, Scholarly Presentation: “Pre-Course Student Questions as Motivators for Class Lessons” at the 2012 national meeting of American Association of Physics Teachers, Philadelphia August 2012

    Fall 2012, Co-author Conference Research Presentation: Research Intern, Matthew Hubbard presented “How tongue size and roughness affect lapping” Northwest Section American Physical Society, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    Fall 2012, Co-author Scholarly Presentation: Curiosity Questions poster presented (by Dr. Carolina Illie), Symposium on Learning and Teaching, SUNY Oswego