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Recommended Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

summer officeOn this page, you'll find recommended reading lists, by topic. These lists are certainly not exhaustive, but meant to give you a place to begin.

Native American Religious Traditions: Some Recommendations

Myth, Ritual, and Symbol: Theories of Religion

Religions, Medicines, and Healing

Gender and Ethnicity in American Religion

Religion, Violence and Peace

Reading Tools

Keep in mind that scholarly reading requires careful attention.  Read with a pen in hand, and take notes as you go.  Here are some useful questions to keep in mind:
* What is the author's key question?
* What claim is the author trying to make?  In other words, what's the answer to their key question?
* What evidence is the author providing to prove their point? 
* How do authors' ideas speak to each other?  Scholarly texts are part of a larger conversation---can you pick up on it?