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Religion and Healing in Native America: Pathways for Renewal (Greenwood, 2008)

praeger coverThis anthology explores the intersection of religion, healing, and cultural revival in contemporary American Indian communities. Emphasis is placed on ways in which tribal communities are working to integrate traditional cultural practices alongside Euroamerican practices, and the role of religion in the meaning making process of healing and personal and collective renewal.

American Indian Religious Traditions: An Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO, 2005)

EncyclopediaCo-edited with Dennis Kelley, this collection is comprised of over 200 entries, written by more than 100 authors. The three-volumes provide a sense of the contemporary field of Native American religious studies as a discipline that places Native religions within their historical, cultural, and social context. Entries include pieces on missionization, the impact of the reservation system, the American Indian Movement (AIM), whaling, hunting, and repatriation, as well as more classic categories such as ceremony and ritual, oral traditions, and spiritual leadership.

Recent Journal Articles

“Talking Place: Ritual and Reciprocity at Holy Wells and Mass Stones in the Republic of Ireland,” Journal of Ritual Studies. 22.1 (2008): 1-20.

“Well, Water, Rock: Holy Wells, Mass Rocks, and Reconciling Identity in the Republic of Ireland,” Material Religion: The Journal of Images, Objects and Beliefs Vol. 4, No. 3. (November 2008): 326-348.

"A Big Fish Story: Using Media in the Introductory Theory Course.” Teaching Theology and Religion, Vol 12 No. 1 (2009): 56-57.

Native American Religious Traditions (Prentice Hall, 2007)

Cover ArtThis text offers a brief introduction to Native American religious traditions, focusing on three cultural traditions: the Coast Salish, the Navajo (Diné), and the Lakota.  It explores the foundations of faith and practice, the impact of colonialism, and the ways in which contemporary communities are mintaining and reviving religious practice today.  Available from Prentice Hall.